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Best Blu Ray Player Black Friday Deals 2022

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Last updated on November 17, 2022 9:00 pm

It’s been a while since your last Best Blu Ray Player Black Friday Deals 2022 purchase. With the arrival of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, there are now all Best Blu Ray Player Best Black Friday Dealssorts of new choices and models on the market, and which one you should buy may not be as simple a choice as it may seem — especially if you’re buying a player for someone else as a gift. We hope this guide makes the buying process as easy as possible.

Best Blu Ray Player Black Friday 2022 – Deals & Discounts

What are you looking for?

Before you shop for a Bluray player, you need to consider what TV you will be using it with. If you recently bought a 4K TV with a high dynamic range (HDR), you’re going to want an Ultra HD Blu-ray player capable of supplying that TV with the best possible signal quality. What features are most important to you? Dolby Vision or HDR10 is the HDR version that your TV supports or both. If you have a 1080p TV you intend to keep for several years and don’t plan on upgrading, it may not be worth paying for extra features.

It’s worthwhile to think about the future. You might consider purchasing a player that supports the most recent formats, rather than waiting for the 4K OLED to become available. Ultra HD Bluray players not only offer better resolution and video quality than HD Bluray players but they can also play any Bluray format. This means that you will be able to give a loved one an Ultra HD Bluray copy of their favorite movie.

Best Blu Ray Player Black Friday 2022 – Buying Guide

Depending on your requirements, here are some features you might be interested in. You don’t have to buy every feature on the list to make a player worth your money. But if you take a look at what’s most important, you’ll be able to determine what is essential and what can be lived without.

Upscaling to 4KThis feature is included in Ultra HD Blu-ray players, but standard Blu-ray players can also offer 4K upscaling. This process takes standard Blu-rays and sometimes DVDs and applies to the process to make them appear sharper and crisper on your 4K TV. Not only does your TV have a more upscale but it is a good idea to feed it source video at the highest quality possible for best results.

HDR: Ultra HD Blu-ray players now support HDR. However, not all players can handle HDR. HDR is only supported by some players. It can’t be used with any of the integrated apps. You need HDR support if you plan to use your player to stream Netflix and other streaming services.

HDR10 vs Dolby VisionHDR10 is the HDR standard. Any brand can use it free of charge. Dolby Vision is Dolby’s version. However, it requires a license for use. It does offer some benefits, such as the ability to dynamically adjust contrast depending on the source. Dolby Vision content is available on Ultra HD Bluray discs as well as streaming services such as Netflix. However, just because your player supports HDR does not mean that it supports Dolby Vision. It’s possible for a player to not ship with Dolby Vision. You can add it by updating your firmware your TV supports it, you will want to make sure it is supported.

3DWhile it might be out of fashion, 3D support is still available for Blu-ray and 3D TVs. While it is supported by midrange and higher-end players, budget models might not be able to support it.

Wi-this is a crucial feature on Blu-ray players. It’s not common to find a player without Wi-Fi. However, it’s worth checking if you are buying a budget model. If you plan to stream a lot of 4K content, make sure that the ethernet port is installed. This will ensure that your streaming is not limited by your router traffic.

Streaming apps: If your smart TV is connected to a streaming device like a Roku? Amazon Fire TVOrApple TVThis is one feature that you can ignore. However, if you want to reduce the number of boxes connected to your TV or A/V receiver you might want to check for it. To ensure that the player supports any requested services, you will also need to inspect the app selection.

DLNA streaming: Although this is a niche feature, if you have a home media server, NAS, or NAS sharing media via the DLNA protocol, you can listen to music, view photos, and watch movies directly from the player. It’s one of those features that you’ll only need if it’s necessary, but it’s still worth looking into.

High-resolution audio is a must for home theaters that also serve as listening rooms. This is generally found on players at the higher end of the spectrum, but it is becoming more common.

Audio connections you should double-check the audio connections if you aren’t running HDMI directly into your A/V receiver. The analog outputs should not be used unless you have to. Digital audio is better than analog over coaxial or optical connections. If you plan to use Dolby TrueHD, this can prove problematic. Dolby AtmosHowever, you may be connecting HDMI to an Atmos-enabled soundbar or A/V receiver.


If you are unsure if you will need a feature shortly, it is a good idea not to have to replace it every year. It’s difficult to predict the future of technology, but it will help you choose the Best Blu Ray Player Black Friday Deals 2022 that will be able to meet your basic needs for many years.

The fun part is next: watching movies with your Blu-ray player. You can find help in our list with the top Blu-ray discs for your home theater or our list with the best Ultra HD Blu-rays for 4K Bluray players.


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