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Best Micro Atx Case Black Friday Deals 2022

Best Micro Atx Case Black Friday Deals

There are many motherboard models available, each with different dimensions and forms. You must ensure the motherboard fits inside your PC case before you use it.

We have listed a few top micro ATX cases for those who want to use a micro ATX motherboard. You will also find all the details about these cases. To learn more, you can consult this comprehensive guide to the Best Micro Atx Case Black Friday Deals 2022.

Best Micro Atx Case Black Friday 2022 – Deals & Discounts

Compatibility with Motherboard

You can see from the name that all of the PC cases are compatible with micro ATX motherboards. It is a good idea to verify the compatibility of your particular computer cabinet with your motherboard.

This is because most micro ATX cases on the market are compatible with mini ITX motherboards. Some cases can be compatible with larger ATX motherboards. It can be very useful if your computer case is compatible with different motherboard sizes in the future.

Side Panel

Many buyers buy cabinets not only for their performance but also because they are beautiful. You may also be interested in a case with transparent sides if that is the case. A majority of micro ATX cases have a tempered side window. This not only looks great but also offers the cabinet proper structural strength. It is less likely to scratch than an acrylic micro ATX case. A few budget computer cabinets might also have a steel side panel, which may be less appealing to some customers.


It is important to inspect the construction of other parts of the computer cabinet, in addition to the side panel. You can rest assured that your micro ATX case will last for many years without any problems. Most micro ATX cases are made of steel, which is great for long-term structural strength.

CPU length and cooler height

All your components must fit into the computer cabinet you are buying. You should check that your motherboard and graphics card fit in the cabinet. These are the two largest components inside your computer. Most PC cases are compatible with GPU length and cooler height. This should be greater than the component size.

Fans Support

A lot of fans are necessary to cool down your computer. It is worth checking the fan support provided by your micro ATX case. Many cases will support two front fans, two top fans, and one exhaust fan. Some cases may even include support for bottom fans. Many micro ATX cases can support multiple fans from multiple locations. You should also check if the boxes include fans.

Drive Bays

Modern motherboards have an M.2 slot that allows you to install an SSD onboard. However, you may also be installing hard drives or traditional SATA SSDs. It is important to verify the number of drive bays available by your micro ATX case.

You will usually find 4 to 6 drive ports in a micro ATX case. These can be 2.5-inch bays or smaller SSDs, 3.5-inch bays or traditional hard drives, or even 5.25-inch bays that house optical disk drives.

Front Panel Ports

Most computer cases have front panel ports. This is because it’s not practical to reach the input and output ports on your computer’s motherboard. These ports can either be installed on top or front, depending on which PC cabinet case you have.

You will find the usual ports on your front panel, such as the power button, reset button, and audio ports.


Most computer cases are made of aluminum or steel, so you can expect them last a long time. It is a good idea to verify the warranty period. This is because any micro ATX case with a 2-year warranty, or something similar, is likely to last a very long time.

Best Micro Atx Case Black Friday 2022 – Buying Guide

What does ATX stand for?

ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended), is a specification for a motherboard and power supply configuration that was developed by Intel in 1995 to enhance on existing de facto standards such as the AT design. This was the first significant change in desktop computer enclosures, motherboards, and power supplies in many years. It improved standardization and interchangeability. This specification defines the key dimensions, mounting point, I/O panels, power, and connector interfaces between a computer enclosure, a motherboard, and a power source.

What is the smallest case of micro ATX?

The Thermaltake Core 21 micro ATX case is the best on the market. It is small and compact but still manages to deliver exceptional performance, despite its small size.

What size is a micro ATX box?

Micro ATX boards can measure up to 9.6 x 9.6 inches (though they are sometimes smaller).

Is micro ATX or mini smaller?

Mini ITX cases can be smaller than micro ATX.

Is micro ATX really worth it?

Micro ATX is a great option for many people. Micro ATX is the right choice if you want a small, lightweight case that you can carry around with you without compromising performance.

What’s the difference between ATX and Micro ATX

The primary difference between ATX & Micro ATX lies in the size.

There are three types of cases: ATX (Micro ATX), Mini ITX (Mini ITX).

ATX cases are the largest followed by Micro ATX (mini ITX) and Mini ITX (respectively).

We have a guide for small ATX cases and a guide for Mini-ITX cases!

ATX motherboards and cases are generally more expensive because they have more features and are larger.


Computers are complicated. You need the right case to hold all your components. It doesn’t matter if your computer is a popular model like micro ATX. You need the right Best Micro Atx Case Black Friday Deals 2022.


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