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Best Nike Running Shoes Black Friday Deals 2022

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Best Nike Running Shoes Black Friday Deals

This guide will cover all you need to know about Nike and its footwear. We’ll also talk about the various technologies Nike uses in their products and the characteristics you should consider when choosing the Best Nike Running Shoes Black Friday Deals 2022.

After you have an overview of this leading manufacturer of running shoes, let’s look at their top-rated running shoes for men. The guide and detailed reviews of the top products in the category will help you select the right pair of running shoes.

Best Nike Running Shoes Black Friday 2022 – Deals & Discounts

Let’s first look at the design principles and meaning behind each type of technology that Nike uses. Knowing the meaning of the jargon will make it easier to navigate the list.

Flymesh and Engineered Mesh

Nike’s Engineered Mesh technology is called Flymesh. This lightweight mesh construction is used for the upper of Nike running shoes. Although this technology is very similar to traditional mesh constructions, Nike’s Flymesh is more flexible, breathable, and lasts longer.

Engineered Mesh offers all the same features as traditional mesh, and more. Flymesh manufacturing is very different from Flyknit, which we will talk about later. Flymesh shoes are generally less expensive than Flyknit.

Nike Free

Nike Free isn’t technology, it is a Nike concept that was created in 2005. Nike Free aims to make shoes that are flexible and light enough that runners can move freely and naturally. Some runners were skeptical about the Nike Free product line.

Although the shoes allow for more natural foot movement, they do not provide the freedom to run on the ground. Their soles have cushioning that dampens the natural feeling of the ground.

Although it might be true, the freedom of the soul of a Free shoe and the open mesh upper give the feeling of running free.

Nike Air

Nike Air is a household name. Nike Air is what brought Nike to the forefront of the global market in the 1980s. Is it really what Nike Air is?

Cushlon foam is used for shoe soles in the Nike Air product line. Cushlon foam is a soft, but durable foam. Cushlon is a dense, but not as bouncy, foam that Nike uses. This makes it heavier than other foal materials.

Nike found a solution to the weight problem by cutting areas of the Cushlon foam and then filling them with plastic bags containing “Air”, which is a secret gas compound Nike uses. The result was foam. This foam is light because it replaces most of its density with an airbag. Airbags create a cushioned sole that your feet can rest on while running.

There are many variations in the Nike Air innersole. You can find Nike Airbags in the heel, midsole, or toe depending on which shoe model you have.

These are the three versions of Nike Air:

  • Nike Air: This is a basic Nike Air version. It features small-sized airbags that fit under the heels.
  • Air Max: The Air Max is a thick, heavily cushioned bag that is too unstable to be worn by runners.
  • Zoom Air: Nike’s Zoom Air foam is the ideal choice for running shoes with a low profile. The ultra-thin Zoom Air was originally designed for professional soccer shoes. It features many of the best Nike running shoes.

Best Nike Running Shoes Black Friday 2022 – Buying Guide

Even if you are familiar with all the technology Nike uses to create shoes, finding the right-fitting shoe is difficult. It is only part of the process to understand all the jargon. There are some things you should be looking out for to find the best Nike running shoes.

Before you put your feet in a new pair, here are some things you should know about the shoe’s anatomy.


The upper is the portion of the shoe that extends above the sole. Running shoes’ uppers can be made from a variety of materials. Most often, they are made of mesh or fabrics that have been glued and stitched together. Nike’s modern models use knitting technology more than stitching or gluing. This allows for the best single-piece uppers that can support modern runners.

Ankle Collar

The ankle collar wraps around the top of your shoe while keeping the heel in place on the sole. Some models have thick padding to enable the ankle collar’s function, while others rely solely on the shape and form of the ankle collar.

Heel Counter

Many running shoes have a heel counter in the back where your heel rests. It is a semi-rigid cup that houses your heel and supports it within the shoe. To allow for greater movement, many running shoes do not require heel counters.


The saddle is a section of reinforced material that surrounds the arch of the runner’s foot. The saddle interacts with the arch, also known as the instep. The laces and the saddle work together to secure the shoe to the foot. Designers have created a variety of lacing systems, overlays, and eyelets that can adapt to any foot shape.

Pay attention to the sensation of the saddle on your instep when you’re looking at a shoe. It should be able to hold your feet while giving you a secure feeling without any slippage.


The toe box is the upper portion of the shoe that runs from the end to where the eyelets are located. The toe box is the area of the shoe that houses all your toes, protecting them from damage by reinforcement.

When considering your options, make sure you feel the toebox. The toe box should not feel too tight at the foot’s front. You should be able to move your toes in the right direction without them rubbing.


Nike made some crucial updates for its 37th shoe in the pegasus line to create a more responsive, bouncy feel, and for that reason, the pegasus 37 steals the crown here as the best all-around trainer for running. This Best Nike Running Shoes Black Friday Deals 2022 is a good choice for runners who want to race or train hard.


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