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Best Pillows Side Sleepers Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on November 17, 2022 10:09 pm

Best Pillows Side Sleepers Best Black Friday Deals

Best Pillows Side Sleepers Black Friday Deals 2022 don’t care about the type of pillow, but the support and loft. Side sleepers should have pillows with a high loft (roughly 4 inches thick) to maintain a neutral position for their head and neck. The pillow should feel firmer to prevent your neck and head from sinking. Higher loft pillows will be required to fill the space between your neck and ear.

All pillow styles are suitable for side sleepers.

Memory Foam

You can fill memory foam pillows with large blocks of material or chunks of shredded foam. If you want to support your head in a single position, a solid memory foam pillow can do the trick. However, a side-sleeper pillow made from shredded memory foam can be adjusted to adjust the loft to suit your body.

Latex pillows are becoming more popular because it is comfortable and resilient. It also sleeps cooler than memory foam. While some latex pillows can be adjusted, most of them have a core made from solid latex. They will conform tightly and relieve pressure. If you’re interested in a latex pillow, take a look at our best latex pillows page.


The plumage from ducks and geese makes down a luxurious pillow fill. Because it is lightweight and soft, side sleepers will require a pillow with a dense fill to support their position. Down is comfortable and soft, but it is more expensive and requires more fluffing.


A down alternative is a lightweight option that offers the same feel as down but without the allergy risks. Down alternative pillows are similar to down in that they require fluffing and may not hold their form well. Side sleepers will also need to be supported by a high-density pillow.

Best Pillows Side Sleepers Black Friday 2022 – Deals & Discounts

What to look for inside sleeper pillows


Because the sizes of the beds and the mattresses, as well as the sleepers, can vary, pillows come in different sizes. The four most common sizes are Standard, Queen, and King.

  • Standard pillows are usually 20″x26″, 51×66 cm, and can be used for single or twin beds.
  • Two standard pillows can be placed on a queen-sized mattress, and three on a king-sized.
  • Queen pillows are 20″ x 30″, or 51 x 75 cm, and are designed for queen-sized beds.
  • The largest size of a King Pillow is 20″ x 36″, or 51 x 92.5 cm.
  • Euro pillows are square and larger than other sizes of pillows. These pillows can be used to support headboards or as regular bed pillows.
  • No matter what size pillow you choose, you should be able to sleep comfortably.


It is important to consider the pillow’s height and loft when shopping for the best side sleeper pillow. Side sleepers would prefer pillows that are at least 4 inches high. This is because it provides relief from pressure on the shoulders and helps maintain spine alignment.

Ask about the pillow’s height and whether it provides enough support for the head, neck, shoulders, and neck. Side-sleepers need to have the correct body posture. A pillow that is the right height will help them maintain that position. The company offers a free trial so you can find the perfect pillow.


There are many options for pillows, each with its own pros and cons. Consider what is most important to your needs and choose a material that will support them. For instance, memory foam pillows are firm and maintain their shape well, but they can trap heat at night.2 Down pillows and polyester-stuffed pillows are fluffy and pliable, but may not offer enough support for those who like a firm place to lay their head.


When you are sleeping on your side, make sure your pillow shape is supportive of your neck. Side sleepers will find the best pillows are slightly boxy rather than round. This is to ensure your neck and spine remain aligned while you sleep.


Pillows are not always softer. Side sleepers may prefer a firmer pillow, but this is up to you. For a soft surface, you might prefer a pillow with a firmer inner core and a more fluffy outer layer. This will give you the best of both.

Best Pillows Side Sleepers Black Friday 2022 – Buying Guide

Does Amazon have great side pillows? sells a variety of pillows suitable for side sleepers. The Wamsutta and Coop Home Goods pillows are examples from this list.

What kind of pillow should a side-sleeper use?

Side sleepers should choose pillows with a medium loft, medium-firm, or firm feel. Comfortable, dense pillows will help the neck and shoulders relax. This will make it easier to fall asleep.

What pillow is best for side sleepers with neck pain?

Your current pillow could be the reason you are experiencing neck pain when you sleep sideways. You may find that your pain diminishes if you buy a new pillow that promotes neck alignment. If your pain persists with a side sleeping pillow, you may want to switch to back sleeping. This is considered the best sleeping position for health.


We hope you find the Best Pillows Side Sleepers  Black Friday Deals 2022 for you, regardless of whether you like latex, memory foam, or down. Keep in mind the neck-to-ear distance when selecting loft and firmness and you will be on your way. To learn more about pillows and which might be right for you, check out our Best Pillows Guide.


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