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Best Ram Gaming Black Friday Deals 2022

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A lot of components are present in a gaming computer. Each plays an important role in providing optimal gaming performance. The CPU and GPU are essential for modern CPU games. However, you’ll also need the Best RAM Gaming Black Friday Deals 2022. All these RAM options have the same specifications and features, making it easy to choose the best one. For more information, you can consult this buying guide to the best RAM for gaming.

Best Ram Gaming Black Friday 2022 – Deals & Discounts


You should always check the RAM capacity before you buy it. You can run many programs at once if you have more RAM. This means that if you plan to use your computer to do heavy multitasking, 32GB RAM will be more suitable than 16GB RAM. Gaming is a different matter. 16GB RAM is sufficient, but 32GB RAM will be required if you want to get the best performance, especially if you stream multiple games simultaneously.

Speed and CAS latency

You should also consider the speed and CAS latency when buying RAM to get the best gaming performance. This will ensure that your RAM is not only high in capacity but also fast enough to provide the best gaming experience. The speed rating is in MHz, which is the same speed as your CPU. A 3600 MHz RAM Kit will give you better gaming performance than either a 3000 or 3200 MHz kit. You can also check the CAS delay of your RAM kit. A lower CAS rating means better gaming performance. A lower CL16 CAS latency will give you better performance than one with the same speed rating. Combining these ratings will give a 3600MHz CL17 kit better performance than a CL18 kit at 3600MHz and a CL16 kit at 3200MHZ.

Kit Size

After you have chosen the best RAM size and speed rating for your gaming computer, you need to check the kit size. This simply indicates the number of RAM sticks in the box. For dual-channel support, at least two RAM sticks are required to get the best performance out of your RAM kit. All RAM kits for gaming computers include either 2 or 4 sticks. Both offer the same performance but a 2-stick kit lets you add 2 additional sticks to your RAM in the future. Although a 4-stick kit will fill all your slots, it is slightly more expensive than a dual-stick one at the same capacity.

Motherboard Support

Your motherboard must support high-performance RAM kits before you install them in your gaming system. The DDR version is an important compatibility rating. DDR3 and DDR4 are not compatible. You can also find support to both Intel and AMD motherboards using different RAM sticks. All the RAM modules for gaming listed above are DDR4 modules that support both Intel chipsets and AMD chipsets, ensuring maximum compatibility with modern gaming computers. You should also consider XMP 2.0 support when you purchase RAM modules for gaming. This will allow you to increase your computer’s memory speed for better performance.


Many RAM stick models come with RGB lighting, or inbuilt lighting, just like many other components of a computer. Although it will not impact the RAM stick’s performance, it can make your computer appear better if there is a transparent side panel. For the extra aesthetics, RAM sticks with RGB lighting will be slightly more expensive.


You are likely to spend quite a bit of money when building a computer that is capable of playing PC games. You want your components to last as long as possible. RAM modules are built on flash storage, which is extremely reliable. All RAM for gaming computers comes with a 10-year warranty or a lifetime warranty. These warranties are significantly higher than the actual use of your computer if you want to play AAA games.

Best Ram Gaming Black Friday 2022 – Buying Guide

1.RAM Frequency

In MHz, the frequency of RAM (also known as the clock speed) is measured. This is the same as the clock speed of a CPU and GPU. This frequency affects the speed at which the RAM processes data, and this is reflected in the computer’s performance. DDR-generation RAM kits offer the lowest frequencies, while DDR4 generation RAM kits can deliver frequencies up to 4GHz.

Higher clock speeds are generally better for most purposes. However, gaming is more dependent on the speed of your CPU. A faster clock speed will improve the performance of your computer, but only by a few frames. We don’t recommend spending more money to find RAM with the highest frequency.

2. Keep Your Heat Spreader in Mind

All RAM kits now come with a heat spreader. This accessory helps to remove any heat the RAM may be producing when performing heavy tasks. This accessory cools RAM and ensures that your system performs well. These high-profile heat spreaders can sometimes block the process of installing RAM onto your motherboard.

Many larger cooling fans on gaming desktops can obstruct the installation process of RAM and heat spreaders. This can cause serious problems for gamers. This is why you need to be aware of the height of the RAM kit you are buying and whether it will block the space available for your PCs.


High-end parts are essential if you want to get the best performance from your computer when playing AAA games. You should check your RAM and make sure you have a powerful set. Below are some of the top RAM options for gaming PCs, along with details such as features and pricing. The extensive buying guide below will help you choose the Best RAM Gaming Black Friday Deals 2022.


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