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Best TV Antenna Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on December 5, 2022 2:04 am

This article will discuss the top long-range outdoor HDTV antennas on the market today. We will be focusing on

Best TV Antenna Black Friday Deals

Best TV Antenna Black Friday Deals 2022 with a minimum range of 70+ miles.

Before we begin, I want to make a few disclaimers. Many websites and review sites will quickly provide a list with antennas that claim to reach 100, 150, or 200 miles. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to achieve these distances with any of the antennas I recommend.

Digital broadcast transmissions from digital stations will start to decline dramatically after 60 miles. Anything received beyond this distance will be considered “iffy” at best.

Another reality is that strong signals can only be received from far away. A larger antenna with multiple sensing elements mounted at sufficient height will work best.

The bottom line is that antennas in this article will be a good option if you live in rural areas where there are trees, rolling terrain or other obstructions. Sometimes, bigger is better.

Best TV Antenna Black Friday 2022 – Deals & Discounts

I will break down the top long-range digital TV antennas in two categories.Antennas for urban and rural areas.

Rural areas are more likely than urban to have a larger antenna that has more sense elements.

Urban areas are less likely to have the ability to house one of these “big behemoths”, due to a variety of constraints, which could include aesthetics.

Rural areas are also more likely to be at the edge of the broadcast towers that you want to receive a signal.

In urban areas, this may not hold true. Therefore, smaller, more compact long-range antennas might be a better option.

Best TV Antenna Black Friday 2022 – Buying Guide

A larger antenna is better suited for rural areas . You should consider a larger antenna if you live in areas where there are trees, valleys, mountains, or other obstructions.

In these cases, bigger is better! In most cases, a higher mounting is also better. It is important to determine the location of your antenna mounting and broadcast towers.

Visit our TV Station Locator tool page. This will take you to a tool which will allow you punch in your zip code, and it will compile all available channels in your local area.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy An Indoor TV Antenna

It is easy to buy an antenna, but choosing the right one is the hard part. We have compiled a list of important features to help you select the right indoor antenna for you.

Location of House

When choosing an antenna, it is important to consider the location of your home. Ask about available channels to find the best antenna for you. An indoor antenna is only useful if there is a local broadcast tower that can pick up signals. You can choose an outdoor antenna if you don’t want one. Amplified antennas will increase the signal strength.

Size of Antenna

You don’t want an antenna that is too big to fit inside your home. An indoor antenna should be small and compact so that it can be easily placed wherever you need it.

 Amplified or Non-Amplified

As we’ve already talked about the differences between amplified and unamplified antennas but indoor antennas are available in a variety of configurations. Even a non-amplified antenna can perform better if you live close to a broadcast tower. It all depends on where you live and what your needs are.

 Mounting Place

When using an antenna in your home, this is a crucial factor. An indoor antenna should be mounted near a window to pick up signals from outside. An antenna placed near any metal object can cause interference and reduce signal strength.

You will need to choose the right place depending on the indoor antenna that you purchased. It can be placed on a flat surface such as a table, or mounted on a wall nearby a window.


Q1. What are the limitations to using an antenna?

A1.An antenna’s first limitation is its ability to only receive signals from local towers. It can also only give you local channels. An antenna may not work if you are looking for channels such as ESPN or Disney. An antenna’s reception may be affected by external factors such as trees and buildings. You will also not be able record any shows using the antenna by itself.

Q2. Q2. Which one of the OTA TV antenna or cable network is better?

A2.It’s a known fact that OTA TV antennas outperform cable networks. This is because OTA TV antennas (or over-the-air antennas) can filter out noises and many of them have amplifiers that increase the signal strength. A stronger OTA signal can give you better picture quality. Cable networks transmit signals using cables with high resistance. However, there are a lot of interfering cables. This can compromise the quality and resolution of the image. OT antennas outperform cable networks and OTA TV antennas.

Q3. Q3. When is an outdoor antenna better than an indoor?

A3.An outdoor TV antenna is a must if you live in an area without a local broadcast tower. An outdoor antenna is more effective than an indoor one because it can pick up signals close to you, while an outdoor antenna is able to pick up signals far away. Outdoor antennas are also easier to receive, as they can be placed outdoors without obstruction. An indoor antenna can be preferred if it is amplified enough to pick up the signals.


There are many small-sized antennas that claim to be long-range digital TV antennas. Some of these Best TV  Antenna Black Friday Deals 2022 are excellent performers but don’t take their claims as gospel.

I believe that any of the antennas in the “Rural”, or “Urban,” categories will produce exceptional results.

We’ve hopefully answered the question: What is the best outdoor long-range HDTV antenna? You might also enjoy these articles if you enjoyed this article:


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