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Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday Deals 2021

Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday DealsDell Latitude 5490 Black Friday Deals 2021 laptop comes with a 14-inch display. 14.00-inch display. It’s powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and it is equipped with eight GB RAM.

It is Dell’s Latitude 5490 has a capacity of 256GB SSD storage. This 14-inch Dell Latitude 5490 is built to work and comes with lots of speed, durability, and ease of use.

With the 8th generation Core i7 processor, the Latitude 5490  lets you blaze through your daily tasks, multitasking using a keyboard that feels good to type on and a battery that can last through the day.

Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday Deals 2021–Discounts & Sales Offers

If you’re hoping for your work to appear stunning on your display or utilize your laptop to play any music it’s the Latitude isn’t a great choice. It’s not among the top laptops available, but even with those limitations, it’s an excellent productivity machine.

The black matte Latitude 5490 (with a carbon-fiber lid and underside and an aluminum keyboard deck) is very sturdy. Its minimalistic silver Dell logo is placed squarely on the lid. The keyboard is slightly receding into the deck, and the power button lights up white when the device is powered on.

This Latitude 5490 is made to last and doesn’t have to be concerned about giving it a lot of attention. The laptop has passed 14 distinct tests MIL-SPEC which are the same tests that U.S. military equipment must be able to pass.

The laptop has been through a lot of impacts and falls to the ground, enduring being blown by dust and sand at it and endured temperatures which were as cold as 20.2 degrees Fahrenheit as well as temperatures as high as 140°F. It’s a great laptop for security.

Latitude 5490 offers several optional security features that include an IR webcam to support Windows Hello login as well as a fingerprint reader to provide additional biometric security, and a smart card reader that provides added security features that many businesses require.

The device also comes with a FIPS 140-2-certified TPM 2.0 chip to protect sensitive information. The model we test features the Intel vPro technology that allows remote access to IT professionals.

The Latitude 5490’s dull, dim screen is the weakest part of it. While watching the Incredibles 2 trailer on this screen, I noticed that the outfits of the superfamily were rendered in a dull orange-yellow burnt look and took the brightness out of the colors.

The 1920×1080 resolution’s clarity still allowed for sharp details, such as the soft texture and stitching of the henchman’s jacket.

Based on our colorimeter test The display of the Latitude displays 65 percent of the spectrum of the sRGB This is well from the premium laptop category’s 107 percent average, as well as below that of the ThinkPad T470’s Lenovo percent.

The soft hues could be due to the 5490’s modest luminosity ratings of just 178 nits. That is lower than the 234-nit rating of the T470 model from ThinkPad, and the 284-nit category premium laptop average.

The display’s lack of angles of view — I noticed that the colors were dark when I viewed the display from thirty degrees right and left could be due to its low brightness as well as reflections reflected by the glossy display.

The touch screen on the Latitude 5490 rapidly and precisely responds to my gestures and taps as I closed and opened windows and navigated menus. It couldn’t keep the same as my faster input, however, since I noticed a lag when drawing using MS Paint.

Dell’s power, endurance, and user experience make it an exceptional laptop with a fast SSD and superior gaming performance than what we’d been used to form a notebook for business.

However, the system is hindered by the high temperature and poor sound and screen that stifle video and alter audio.

Dell Latitude 5490 is a great value for people searching for a fast and productive laptop for business with many ports and plenty of power. It gives you a variety of navigation, such as the touchscreen, touchpad, or even the pointer stick. It also connects to peripherals like a VGA monitor.

The Latitude series is Dell’s business class. Particular attention is given to security features which makes the laptop ideal for businesses or their workers. However, even the common user might benefit from a device such as this.

This Dell laptop comes with many positive points particularly for businesses and their employees. During working hours, it’s extremely efficient and, due to its largely fan-less operation, extremely quiet.

Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday Deals 2021– Buying Guide

Dell Latitude 5490 Black Friday Deals 2021 has a rather extensive list of options. Dell offers nine various configurations on its website, however, we would like to say that we do not believe all of the information on its website to be inaccurate, since even the cheapest model is shown with the entire list of (officially available) options.

Input devices can also be of excellent quality, but the most significant benefit of this notebook is its remarkable battery life, which allows for all the use of all day for less demanding tasks. The powerful, yet optional assortment of security features could be an argument to purchase.


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