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Dell Optiplex 790 Black Friday Deals 2022

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Dell Optiplex 790 Black Friday Deals The Dell Optiplex 790 Black Friday Deals 2022. A desktop for business that has the 2nd Generation, 3.1GHz Intel Core i3 processor. The Dell Optiplex 790 supports up to four displays and a variety of chassis options.

This business desktop also offers the option of remote control for IT professionals as well as a security lock slot and a chassis intrusion control switch, in addition to other features.

The Optiplex 790 comes in several choices of chassis models, this model specifically comes with a slim or ultra-small size that can be locked onto Dell’s monitors.

Dell Optiplex 790 Black Friday Deals 2022–Discounts & Sales Offers

The chassis is the form of a plain black metal around however, its face is made up of mesh, and the portion dedicated to its forward-facing ports as well as the optical drive is plain black.

The front of the chassis has four USB ports with audio input and out ports, as well as a SATA-connected, 16X DVD-ROM drive.

The ability to take one of the desktop’s sides off will reveal the fact that it’s equipped with two gigs of DDR3 at 1,333MHz as well as 250GB of hard drive operating at 7,200 RPM through a SATA connection.

The business rig comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000 through either DisplayPort or VGA. Customers can also avail themselves of Della Data Protection services for backup and other security issues.

The Optiplex 790 runs 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. Dell also provides a 90 % efficient power supply for all models of the Optiplex 790 and further assists by ensuring Energy Star 5.0 conformance.

Additionally, the fact that the computer was constructed with 10% recycled plastic is also helping to meet EPEAT Gold standards.

We’ve often been impressed with the sleek designs of Dell’s OptiPlex series however, the latest OptiPlex 790 is quite a standout as it’s among the most compact business PCs we’ve ever seen.

While it might look like toys, however, it’s not fragile. The plastic exterior is business-like, but the chassis is constructed of solid sheet metal.

The solid structure and matte finish provide reassurance that the OptiPlex can withstand the scuffs and scuffs that come with office life and also its more powerful cousins.

It packs a good amount of power as well. Our test sample was a 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-2400S – the suffix that signifies the lower-power model of Intel’s 32nm processor.

It does have Turbo Boost though, with one core that can reach the maximum speed of 3.3GHz. Our Real-World Benchmarks the system scored an average score of 0.7 which indicates ample power for desktop apps – although it’s still a little further from 0.9 and even higher than we’d like from a fully-powered Core i5-2500 processor.

The built-in HD Graphics 2000 chip is sufficient for office work, but it’s not suited for late-night gaming. It performed a little unstable when playing 1080p videos as well, but the 720p video played perfectly.

The main advantage of this light CPU is the minimal power usage. With an in-line power meter, we measured our review system running at just 15W and rising to a much more efficient 51W in the stress tests.

Another important component to consider could be its Seagate Momentus XT hard disk, it’s a hybrid drive that offers 500GB of storage that is platter-based and 4GB of solid-state memory to act as the memory cache for the hard disk.

Dell Optiplex 790 Black Friday Deals 2022– Buying Guide

It’s Dell Optiplex 790 Black Friday Deals 2022 similar to Intel’s Smart Response Technology (ISRT) that was recently introduced in the Z68 chipset. The actual performance of these caching systems can’t be fully quantified by benchmarks, but during our tests, the Momentus XT achieved average large-file read and write speeds in the range of 152.3MB/sec in addition to 136.8MB/sec.

It’s adequate for use in business however it’s a bit slower than the top choice on our list Samsung’s mechanical Spinpoint F3 with 1TB that clocked the speed of 208MB/sec and 138MB/sec.

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