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Dell Precision 5540 Black Friday Deals 2022

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Dell Precision 5540 Black Friday DealsDell Precision 5540 Black Friday Deals 2022 appears to be very pleased with the 15 inch XPS laptop, given that they did not only use it to build their XPS 15 7590 for the fifth time in consecutive years, but they also create the Precision 5540 around it.

Similar to what they did with the Precision 5520 before it. There’s no need to go on However, we’re not here to debate the internal politics of the manufacturers and instead focus on the particular device and offer our honest review.

Dell has completely revamped the Precision laptop. When I say redesign, I’m referring to taking a Dell XPS 15, and cram workstation-grade components within it.

Dell Precision 5540 Black Friday Deals 2022–Discounts & Sales Offers

Its Precision 5540 takes the 15.6-inch OLED display with a 4K resolution slim design and impressive performance of the XPS 15. The only problem is that the Precision isn’t able to replicate the XPS incredible battery longevity However, it does have the same battery life.

Precision 5540 is among the most powerful Workstations as well as top video editing laptops that are available. If you’re a fan of the XPS 15, you’ll love this rugged version of it.

On the Stranger Things, ahem, I’m referring to the Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer, Finn Wolfhard’s blue dress appeared onto his Precision 5540’s monitor.

Even though the short image of the diner was dimly lit, I was able to discern the particulars of the coffee maker that were on the counter. Also, the 4K-enabled screen gave those doughnuts a look so sharp and delicious that I was hungry at the moment.

Our colorimeter measured our Precision 5540’s display at 200 percent of the full RGB and it flies above the 165% Workstation average as well as that of the ThinkPad P1’s 179%, and the ZBook15’s 112 percent. In comparison, the MSI WS65 came in at more vivid 251 percent.

At 384 nits the Precision 5540’s screen is extremely brilliant and is well above the average of 332-nits for category averages as well as that of the ThinkPad P1’s 285nits.

But it’s both the MSI WS65 and the ZBook 15 did better on the brightness at 393 nits and 631 nits respectively. Like the keyboard of the XPS 15, its keys are comfortable to type on, however, they were a bit too thin to be pleasing.

The backlighting of the keyboard is bright and white. Although it has plenty of space but none of the number pads on the keyboard. It’s not something you would expect to find on a computer.

I achieved 71 words per min when I took the typing test, which is close to my 70-wpm mark. Carbon-fiber palm rests make typing more comfortable, but it can take a while to be used to the keys as my fingers never felt close to the point of exhaustion.

Although the Dell Precision 5540 indeed resembles all the features of its predecessor, the XPS 15, it didn’t offer any tips regarding the battery’s longevity.

After the laptop was continuously surfing the web via Wi-Fi, at 150 nits brightness, the battery only lasted 60 hours, 20 mins it was able to surpass the average for workstations (6:05) however, it could have been better.

Its ThinkPad P1 (4:16) did much worse than there was a significant improvement with the MSI the WS65 (6:57) and ZBook 15 (8:56) ZBook 15 (8:56) surpassed the Precision 5540. The majority of laptop webcams with 720p resolution aren’t great and this one isn’t more or less.

The test picture I did was blurry, from the hair that was on my head, to the stubble on my face. The contrast was way off since the light above me was washed out by the majority part of the ceiling.

My skin tone was affected, as everything was whiter than it was. And my face was slightly red. I would suggest getting an improved camera from our best laptop external cameras site.

Dell’s most significant app for Precision 5540. Precision 5540 system is Dell Precision Optimizer, which allows you to optimize specific applications by Adobe as well as Autodesk to gain a small performance improvement.

The app lets you analyze the performance of your system to find out what’s slowing down your CPU or GPU. In addition, the app comes with a System Updates section, which keeps your laptop updated.

The chassis is built on the same layout and therefore is of the same top quality as that of the XPS 15, it is that it has a limited port available.

Dell Precision 5540 Black Friday Deals 2022– Buying Guide

The Dell Precision 5540 Black Friday Deals 2022 Thunderbolt 3 port offers a great deal of flexibility and can be used to replace the lack of ports by using an adapter. However, the CPU doesn’t perform as efficiently as you would expect.

Even though this Nvidia Quadro T2000 reaches its maximum performance but the processor can’t keep up. Performance decreases steadily to be around 15% slower towards the end of the test as compared to the initial top score during our testing loop. While the OLED display in 4K is gorgeous, however, it comes at the price of a drastically reduced battery longevity.

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