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Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on November 27, 2022 10:51 pm

The Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals 2022 headset from Jabra is an excellent alternative for callers who areJabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals heavy and seeking a headset that can be used with every available phone, however the touch screen that is gimmicky at the base station increases the device’s price, but it’s more expensive than its user-efficiency.

Through the PRO 9470, Jabra can solve the issue of connecting one headset to the desk phone and a softphone that is PC-based and mobile phones. The PRO 9470 is a base station that can be connected to the PC using the Micro USB connector and to the desk phone using RJ-11.

Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals 2022–Discounts & Sales Offers

The base station uses DECT 6.0 for connectivity wirelessly to the headset. Mobile phones, in contrast, are supported by a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the base station (rather than the headset itself) which means that the PRO 9470 was not designed for use in the field with a mobile.

The two other models in the PRO 9400 line-the PRO 9460 Mono and the PRO 9460 Duo do not support Bluetooth and, consequently, don’t work with mobile phones.

The PRO 9470 is listed for sale at an outrageous price of $549. This is a shambolic price, particularly when you consider the fact that the phone isn’t equipped with a Remote Handset Lifter or Electronic Hookswitch Adapter that is required for use with a desk telephone. There are a handful of online retailers that sell it for slightly more affordable prices of less than $300.

The PRO 9470 comes with a variety of styles and options that are sure to please the vast majority of the portion of the users. It has a modular design, with a removable earphone/boom mic element that can be snagged onto the neckband, headband, and an ear clip (the latter is equipped in three different sizes of earbuds). I was pleased to have the option because only the headband was comfortable on my head.

The use of using the Jabra Pro 9470 is also simple. If you’re using PC mode, you’ll hear an incoming ringing from your VoIP through your earpiece. You can then respond to the call using your computer’s VoIP application.

If you’re listening to music the call will continue until you choose to pause or stop the music you’re listening to allow the voice on the other line to be clearer. If you’re in phone mode, just hit the phone button of your headset…and using the lifter option ( GN 1000) you will be able to answer your phone immediately, up to 350 feet to the main unit.

The clarity and sound of voice are fantastic! It is impossible to discern that you’re using a wireless headset. This headset from Jabra features an earpiece that eliminates background noise and helps provide a clear voice.

It also comes with an audio wideband and Digital Signal Processing. The battery is long-lasting and the connection between its base unit and its wireless headset is encrypted digitally to protect you.

In contrast, call control actions and setting up the device are performed using the touch screen on the base station. On the touch screen I was able to access the wizard which walks me through setting up each phone (I tried it with Skype using a Windows 7 PC, a Cisco 7940 series desk phone, and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone).

When a call is being made when you are on a call, the touch screen shows the current phone being used and displays options for mute and hang-up. If a call is received through a different device when the headset is on it is possible to change to the different call using the touch screen alone.

You can also utilize the touch screen, or the buttons on the headset to pick up or end an incoming call, or to silence the phone. To provide even higher quality sound the PRO 9470 can support broadband sound for phones as well as desk phones that can use the technology.

Since wideband audio drains the battery more quickly (Jabra rate the life of a battery with wideband as 8 hours as opposed to 10 hours for narrowband) users can select the use of wideband audio for desk phones as well softphones.

Jabra recommends PRO 9470’s DECT 6.0 connection between headsets and base station to be up to 150 meters, dependent on the environmental conditions. However, during tests at the eWEEK’s San Francisco offices, I did not come even close to the figure.

In a cubicle farm I could easily go to over 90 feet, with sufficient audio quality, but when there were several wall surfaces and an elevator between, the audio was difficult to comprehend at 60 feet.

Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals 2022– Buying Guide

The Jabra Pro 9470 Black Friday Deals 2022 comes together with Windows driver and software that provide SoftPhone support for Skype, Microsoft Communicator, and IBM Lotus Sametime. The software, named PCSuite allows the ability to monitor the configuration of each device and displays the battery use of the headset.

Although the touch screen worked for controlling calls during my testing I’d prefer to have the functionality be on my PC screen instead. The small display (about 1.5 inches by 2 inches) to control calls is unneeded every day and it calls for the base station to be able to take up more space than would be required.

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