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Panasonic G9 Black Friday Deals 2022

Panasonic G9 Black Friday DealsThe Panasonic G9 Black Friday Deals 2022 is their top-of-the-line stills-focused camera and sits next to the video-focused Lumix DC-GH5 which is at the high-end of their range. The GH-series has had an impressive reputation with professional-grade video photographers, but Panasonic hasn’t yet seen the quality of the GH5 do equally with the people who shoot stills.

The G9 Panasonic is hoping to emulate the success that the GH series enjoyed in the world of video and also gain more traction in the stills market.

There’s a lot of overlap between these two cameras, however, the G9 comes with some great features to satisfy the needs of still photographers, specifically professional and advanced amateurs – and those looking for an image/stills hybrid.

Panasonic G9 Black Friday Deals 2022–Discounts & Sales Offers

It’s also quicker than its video-centric cousin with a speed of 20 frames per second in continuous autofocus, which is about 50 frames with an electronic shutter. It also can record at 9 frames per second with the AF-C feature for more than 600 frames with a mechanical shutter that is impressive.

Panasonic has taken a page of Olympus the book – just as other makers that have stabilized sensors in recent times included a High-Resolution mode that changes the sensor’s resolution to create an 80MP file. This is sure to be a hugely attractive proposition for landscape and still-life photographers often requiring higher resolution than the one offered by the Micro Four Thirds camera.

Panasonic’s most popular photography-focused Micro Four Thirds camera does not just deliver the excellent image quality and overall performance and a great shooting experience that is complemented by great ergonomics and sturdy build quality.

Although it isn’t as well-equipped in the video department as its GH5 and GH5S counterparts this Lumix G9 is capable of producing high-quality videos that are sure to be suitable for even more demanding hybrid photographers. This Panasonic G9 has many excellent camera features, excellent overall performance, and offers an excellent value in an overall strong and flexible camera system.


Fantastic build quality, very good image quality. Effective IBIS; Outstanding performance Speedy shooting speed with 4K/60p videos.


Autofocus is not phase-detection; 10 minute limit on 4k60p video clips The camera does not support V-Log or 10-bit video. Panasonic is not short of knowledge in the business of digital cameras.

It’s been 17 years now since the company first kicked off its Lumix camera line with the simultaneously launched LC5 and F7 compact cameras in late 2001, and about a decade since the late-2008 launch of its first mirrorless model, the Micro Four Thirds-format Lumix G1.

Now, the company is bringing the experience it gained with possibly its most thrilling camera to date with its Lumix G9, offering much of what we liked about the more video-oriented model GH5 as well as easily outperforming the GH5 in the still image department and with the same size, cheaper body.

It is based on the GH5’s 20-megapixel image sensor, it has what is a common feature these times, no resolution-limiting optical low-pass filter and having its output processed by the most recent generation of Venus Engine image processor, the DC-G9 is believed to have the best still quality image than any Lumix camera that has been released to date!

Particularly, Panasonic claims the Lumix G9 will outperform its predecessors in terms of clarity and less noise particularly when the sensitivity increases in addition to better sharpening and more effective suppression of flare and ghosts as well as better color control that will be particularly visible in skin tones as well as blue skies.

The key to the process of imaging is the use of the 20.3MP live MOS camera as well as the most recent Venus Engine processor, enabling the production of sharp videos and images with ranges of sensitivities that go from ISO 25600 to. Additionally, extremely fast speeds are offered that can reach 60 frames per second continuous shooting, using the electronic shutter feature.

This speed increase is evident in various ways that include an upgraded Depth-from Defocus autofocus system, which has 225 zones for quick, precise focusing throughout the entire frame.

A rear joystick is installed to give users smooth control of the current focal area. Another advantage of processing that is accelerated is the addition of 6K PHOTO in 30 frames per second and 4K PHOTO up to 60 fps.

which allows users to create images of 18MP and 8MP and at high frame rates. More than speed, the five-axis sensor stabilization system is compatible with Dual I.S. 2.0 and can compensate with up to 6 stops for camera shake.

Another feature that is possible thanks to this latest system is a multi-shot mode that can capture eight distinct images and then compiles them into an eight-megapixel raw picture.

Panasonic G9 Black Friday Deals 2022– Buying Guide

The Panasonic G9 Black Friday Deals 2022 performance isn’t the only thing that has been improved, because the G9 features a new body that is dust, splash, and freezeproof. The body has the top status LCD to allow easy access to the most important settings without the need to go to the LCD or the viewfinder as well, both of which have been enhanced.

The most notable improvement is the OLED viewfinder has been upgraded to have an 0.83x magnification and a 3.68m-dot resolution. The EVF comes with a quick 120 FPS refresh rate to provide a lag-free reading. Furthermore, the LCD is now equipped with a 3.0″ 1.04m-dot screen that is free of angle that can be used to work intuitively at different angles.

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