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Plantronics RIG Black Friday Deals 2021

Plantronics RIG Black Friday DealsThe Plantronics RIG Black Friday Deals 2021 Wireless are excellent gaming headphones with a comfy and lightweight design. They have a user-friendly interface and they come with long battery longevity and their sound pattern is balanced enough to play different audio sources.

However, as with most gaming headsets, they’re intended for use outdoors and the build quality seems a bit sloppy considering their price. There have been reports of distortion in the bass, however, it can be corrected by reducing the mixing knob on the headphones as far as possible before losing the audio completely.

Plantronics RIG Black Friday Deals 2021–Discounts & Sales Offers

The Plantronics RIG800LX headphones are great for gaming wirelessly. They offer a well-balanced sound and low audio latency and a convenient wireless design.

They’re also breathable and comfortable enough to be worn to enjoy a decently long gaming session. They don’t stop enough sound from noise-prone environments.

Additionally, also does not come with any software that can be customized. The RIG 800LX from Plantronics has an unusual design that makes them light however, not everyone will be awed by their modular design.

They’re mostly made of plastic, making the appearance of being a bit low-cost, especially when compared with other gaming headsets within this price bracket. The ear cups are a bit odd in their design.

They’re cushioned and won’t budge too much once you put them on your head. They’re a subtle color scheme that’s not overly extravagant, regardless of the model you pick for your console. The Plantronics RG 800LX are comfortable headphones, with an adjustable ski-band headband that self-adjusts.

They feature large ear cups with comfortable and breathable padding and aren’t too snug on your head. It is also possible to adjust the size of the headphones to suit your needs by fitting the cups to the lower part of the headband. They’re quite light in comparison to similar gaming headsets.

There are however only three spots on the headband to adjust the ear cups. This is sufficient for the majority of users, but might not be the best choice for all. The headphones are an easy and simple gaming control system.

They have two dials on the right earcup to adjust the volume and mix control, and a power button that serves as a pairing switch. Additionally, there’s a button located on the left ear cup to switch between the preset EQ modes such as Pure, Seismic, Intensify, and Vocal Focus. Overall the buttons are simple to locate and easy to use, with good feedback.

However, the dials do not provide precise clicks for changing the volume or mixing levels that some users might be unable to pinpoint with precision. The RIG 800LX from Plantronics is quite comfortable for an over-ear style.

They feature slightly porous pads which keep your ears cool compared to headphones that have fake leather pads. But that their design hinders airflow, so they may not be the best option for exercise. But, they’ll be suitable for gaming and more casual use.

As an example, you receive an aluminum headband that provides the necessary rigidity and strength, however, the main body is made of plastic to make it light and inexpensive.

As with a growing variety of Gaming headsets, this comes with a second headband made of a fabric designed to allow the headset to sit comfortably and comfortably without becoming uncomfortable. Contrary to other headsets, this is a good idea with it’s true that the Rig 500 Pro does fit comfortably.

If there’s a drawback to the design, it’s that it’s quite ugly. The metal and plastic lines with a gold-colored finish aren’t exactly 2019and it’s not sleek. This is a gaming headset with a capital G and all the ambiguous design choices it entails the headset, and Plantronics is way behind its rivals in this regard.

The audio quality is good If not spectacular however, it’s a good value for the money. The bass response is robust from the 50mm drivers as well as a noticeable audio surround effect. The audio can be a little messy, making it difficult to separate specific sounds from the game sometimes however, generally speaking, it makes games sound great.

Plantronics RIG Black Friday Deals 2021– Buying Guide

Plantronics RIG Black Friday Deals 2021, respectively that features volume dials that are positioned on the headphone port on the controller to allow easy access, though you’ll be losing the headband when you do this.

The Plantronics RIG 500 Pro Esports Edition is great looking, comfortable great, and has a fantastic sound like the flagship model of the RIG 500 Proline should.

The metal earcups as well as the headband make for a luxurious feeling, while its two cables give you some amazing range of flexibility, especially the one that has a volume dial and the adjustable rubber caps that be used in conjunction with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers.


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