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Sony BDP S6700 Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on June 21, 2022 7:14 am

The Sony BDP S6700 Black Friday Deals 2022 is equipped with all the features needed to make it the topSony BDP S6700 Black Friday Deals choice among the top blu-ray players. It has a stunningly high-quality picture and the option of watching 3D discs or stream video from a variety of providers. The Blu-ray player can also upscale DVD as well as Blu-ray discs and can play them back in higher resolution format.

The only issue is that it can’t support 4K Blu-ray discs which many of the newer Blu-ray players can play. While the model was originally launched back in 2013, the model is capable of producing high-quality audio and pictures, though it’s not equipped with more advanced features.

Sony BDP S6700 Black Friday Deals 2022–Discounts & Sales Offers

While we were testing hands-on using the BDP-S6700, our team watched the movie Gravity. The disk we tested is a copy in multiple formats which is why it was a pleasure to watch and compare versions of the film in 4K as well as 3D versions of the film on an HDTV that supports 4K and 3D. HDTV.

The BDP-S6700 was able to convert the 2D version of the film to 3D. This option isn’t necessary for all, but it’s an added benefit. The upscaling process boosts the quality of your DVD and Blu-ray discs up to near 4K quality. Blu-ray players can do well in delivering sharp images – the blacks were clear and vibrant colors, especially when you watch a TV with 4K. The player also comes with HDMI Deep Color.

We also checked each player’s boot speed and found that this one was able to take 14.8 seconds to power up. It’s a bit in comparison to other Blu-ray players that we tested that typically took 12 seconds to start up. The Sony Blu-ray player can run apps with less lag as compared to other devices. Some of the players we tested experienced frequent hiccups, and long loading times.

Essential details

It measures 10 7 7.6 and 1.5 inches, and weighing in at 2 pounds, Sony’s BDP S6700 is light and compact enough to be tucked away in an entertainment system. It’s not exactly expensive since it’s made of plastic, however it’s not at all. Even though it’s black, this case doesn’t attract many fingerprints.

There are two controls on its front, one to power it and another to open the tray. The machine would be more efficient when it had a screen on the front, however it’s becoming an unrepeatable feature on Blu-ray players. When playing back, there’s some noise, but not enough to detract from the experience of watching.

The player in question is an upgraded version of the BDP-6500, however, this one supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity using LDAC. This means that you can stream films using wireless headphones. As with others, this player will join the web using WiFi or via Ethernet. The WiFi has a dual-band, which means you will get twice the bandwidth.

It only has one HDMI input as well as an audio output coaxial. Under the power button at the front is only one USB port that you can connect to an external hard drive to playback your saved video as well as photo files.


If you own a smartphone then you can download an app for mobile which allows you to make use of your smartphone as a remote control. The remote included isn’t quite enough and is uncomfortable to hold. Fortunately, the buttons are well placed, and the remote can be operated even in darkness. The device also comes with nice features such as the Bluetooth pairing button as well as an option to launch Netflix. The BDP-S6700 is compatible with 24p streaming on VUDU, Amazon, and Netflix.

The majority of Netflix, as well as Disney Plus shows, are also available in 4K. Apart from these apps and more, there are over 300 more to choose from. The Sony App Store is comprehensive and includes audio-related apps such as Pandora as well as Spotify.

Be aware that the majority of streaming applications require a monthly payment. Navigating through the home screen was easy. Some players were confused and confusing, however, this one was not. Formats such as MP3 AAC WAV, MP3, FLAC, ALAC, and DSD are all compatible and playable through using the USB port. It is possible to play standard CDs through the player, too.

Sony BDP S6700 Black Friday Deals 2022– Buying Guide

The Sony BDP S6700 Black Friday Deals 2022 can support Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio It can also connect it to a soundbar, or an AV receiver to get amazing surround audio. It can be used with modern Dolby Atmos speakers that upwardly fire.

Sony provides support for the BDP-S6700 via multiple channels. Alongside the device’s one-year warranty base You can also get assistance with troubleshooting from Sony’s telephone or email agents, and also find details on the website of the company.

Because it’s DLNA compatible and DLNA compatible, you can transfer your music, images and videos into the cloud, and then access them wirelessly. Sony also has the SongPal Link smartphone app that allows you to play music with the Blu-ray player into several rooms around your home using speakers that are compatible although we haven’t tested this feature.


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