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Sony MDR XB950B1 Black Friday Deals 2022

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The Sony MDR XB950B1 Black Friday Deals 2022 stands for “extra bass,” and Sony isn’t kidding around–these Bluetooth headphones offer some tremendous low-frequency rumble. The headphones have a Bass Effect button that amplifies the lows, but they still deliver a bass-forward listening experience.

Sony MDR xXB950B1 Black Friday Deals

They are also very comfortable and well-made. This pair is not for you if you want balance and accuracy. The headphones are available in red, blue, and black models. They have a brushed metallic sheen that almost doubles as a tan on the headband and earcups. It’s an eye-catching design that is both sharp and striking. The Sony logo is engraved on the outer panels of the circumaural (over-the-ear) earcups. 

Sony MDR XB950B1 Black Friday Deals 2022–Discounts & Sales Offers

The cups can be folded flat for compact storage. It is strange that there is no carry case. However, if you could save money on purchasing one, it would be wise to invest in the memory foam cushioning, leatherette-lined headband, and earpads. Although the padding is very comfortable, some people might find that the earcups are too small.

The headband adjustor features detents that allow you to achieve a perfect ear-to-ear fit. The right ear’s outer panel has dedicated controls for volume up or down, which work with your mobile device’s master volume levels. There is also a multifunction button to control playback and call management. The same button can also be used as a rocker-style toggle switch: move it forward to skip a track or back to navigate in reverse.

The Sony MDR-XB950B1 EXTRA BASS(TM) Wireless Headphones is a pair of well-built, Bluetooth wireless headphones that packs a ton of features.

Sony’s EXTRA BASS(TM), a line of headphones and speakers, is designed to produce a bass-oriented sound signature. It uses what Sony calls “Electro Bass Booster technology”. Sony’s XB950B1 is a timely innovation given the popularity of EDM, pop, and Korean pop (Kpop) in recent decades. The unboxing process was simple and straightforward. You will find all of the audio goodies within when you open it. Unboxing headphones is easy and you won’t have to worry about damaging them.


The build quality of the Sony MDRXB950B1 is best described with one word: Bloody amazing! Okay, 

maybe it was just two words. You can feel the rigidity of the swivel and ear cups.

The slider and headband are made of one-piece metal. It screams quality. However, the shininess of metal seems a little out of place. But, hey, I love nitpicking.

Ear Cup Swivel Mechanism

The ear cups can swivel 90° downwards, which I absolutely love. This is because unlike an upward-

swivel design the drivers are protected against water, dust, and any other foreign debris when worn on the neck.

The earpads will naturally face up if the headphones are placed on a table. If you are at home, however, water and dust should not be an issue. (Unless your home is very dirty in which case you should clean it!)

The swivel mechanism rotates freely around its axis so you may have to be careful when using the headphones. Minor gripe.


The headband is well padded and durable. The leather is quite short and doesn’t stretch much when it’s on your head. This makes the leather less susceptible to cracking or tearing from repeated strain.

The adjuster for the headband height is very tactile. I can feel each click and know that it hasn’t been “over-clicked” during testing. This means that the headband adjuster remains in its original position even when it is worn. This is a great idea by Sony.

The headphones’ buttons are tactile and very firm. They are my favorite, especially the skip and replay buttons.


In our tests, the XB950B1 had a battery life well above 16 hours. The headphones don’t get too hot and stay cool even after prolonged use. The average time it takes to charge the battery from empty to full is approximately four hours, according to Sony’s marketing.


The cable is not remarkable. The 3.5mm right-angled jack from the source is made out of hardened rubber and has a very basic strain relief. The cable runs upwards and is quite thick with a cool texture that I assume serves no other purpose than to minimize entanglement.

The 3.5mm jack that is attached to the left earcup is made from the same hardened rubber, with a more basic strain relief system. Notice: Instead of the secure twist-lock, the 3.5 mm straight plug uses the click-lock ty

Sony MDR XB950B1 Black Friday Deals 2022– Buying Guide

Sony MDR XB950B1 Black Friday Deals 2022 deserves credit for the XB950B1’s comfortable, which is well above average. The earpads are well padded and very deep. They are not too thick for my average-sized ears.

Although the clamping force of the Sony is higher, the softness and comfort of the earpads reduce the pressure. The headband’s high clamp force means less pressure on the crown of your head. These three features make the XB950B1 headphones incredibly comfortable.

Sound Quality

The XB950B1 has the popular V-shaped sound signature. It’s a dark sound signature that’s beloved by pop and EDM fans. The bass is elevated above all the trebles, adding a lot more weight and richness. However, this sound signature is not well-suited for tracks that emphasize the vocals.

Due to the elevated bass, the mids and trebles can be slightly obscured. Due to the bass’s elevated volume, the soundstage is compressed. Image and separation are also not great.



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