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TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday Deals 2021

TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday DealsThe brand new True Wireless in-ears from TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday Deals 2021. They offer incredible sound quality with incredible levels of quality. The enticing piece comes in a tiny and simple cardboard box packed with all the typical equipment to be found within.

It comes with the basic audio kit as well as four ear molds with different sizes, and a charging case that includes a USB cable, and instructions. The style that is featured on the SoundLiberty 53 has been influenced by the Apple AirPods, or at the least, by the design of the prototype that was provided to us.

TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday Deals 2021–Discounts & Sales Offers

However, they are not like the AirPods. they feature a more aggressive style in black with a simple design in contrast to the round, white look of the Apple model. In any case, they are water and sweat-resistant and IPX7-compliant.

With the help of Bluetooth 5.0, the device is connected without any hassle or hassle. Moreover, the sound output is enjoyed without the necessity for an additional cable.

AptX is a standard codec that doesn’t seem to be expected on devices that cost this much however AAC which is available here is quite good. This is evident after the first time using the SoundLiberty 53 and the sound produced exceptionally well.

Good bass and treble, not to add a good mid-range, and crisp treble is expected when listening at adequate volume. It’s a great all-around experience with an impressively large stereo stage to anticipate. It’s not too over-the-top also, though there’s an inclination towards trebles that are less noticeable.

However, this does not push the process into an unpleasant sound area. What you hear in the ears isn’t an audiophile-grade, complex sound however it’s very good. Higher-end models don’t engulf you amid the sound, however, imaging quality is deficient, which can lower the sound somewhat.

But, the SoundLiberty 53 sounds quite good for headphones that retail for less than 60 euros. It’s not just the integrated microphones that are more clearly focused towards the mouth due to the shape of the in-ears, add to the specifications on display here.

Human voices may occasionally sound slightly choppy and sharper than the best when telephony applications are the norm in the day, but this is due to the technology for noise reduction that attempts to eliminate unwanted noise.

This is an acceptable compromise. The charging case has an ample size that can easily be carried around inside a pocket. The in-ears, that require an annual recharge of up to five hours for playback could be put into the case thanks to the magnetic components in the case’s design.

The battery inside the case is enough to provide approximately 7 charges. This will bring to an operational capacity that is 36 hours. It’s not bad in any way, and the 4.5-hour battery lifespan the in-ears provide in standard far surpasses the specifications of higher-priced competitors.

There’s plenty to appreciate regarding the Soundliberty 53. The audio quality is top-quality, the aesthetics or better than the Apple AirPods, calls are clear and the waterproofing is impressive for this cost and the battery’s life is better than the average.

The only issue we faced was the inconsistent touch controls that seemed to be undependable enough to be annoying at times. Perhaps the headphones we tested were defective, and if that’s the situation, then a perfectly operational set of these headphones is an absolute bargain.

Although their oval-shaped case for charging is a bit cheap-looking’m not certain how they’ll fare if the hinge will last over time, the design and construction of the buds themselves are pretty good. The “pipe” design is somewhat like the AirPods. However, unlike the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air ($80)

The difference is that they have a noise-shielding design, with silicone tips that seal the ear canals of your ears and block out noise. They’re “hard” buds and have an open design that allows sound through.

I haven’t found the TaoTronics to be so comfortable to wear during long listening sessions like the Liberty Air, which are smaller, however, they are comfortable and fit well.

I could manage to create a tight fit, which I believe is essential to the highest level of the bass responses and sound quality.

There are some who prefer the AirPods to be snugger. However, for people like me, who frets over keeping the AirPods in my ear without the set of sports fins I was happy the fact that they held their peace, even while I ran with them. According to TaoTronics’ website, they’re sweat-proof.

TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday Deals 2021– Buying Guide

TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 Black Friday Deals 2021 claims that these headphones are being waterproof. IPX7 ratings for waterproofing. This implies it is possible that the SoundLiberty 53 can be able to withstand significant amounts of sweat. It can even take an occasional splash from the faucet. But no snorkeling.

The SoundLiberty 53 provides five hours of listening time before you have to take the headphones back into the box for charging. This is pretty standard for an authentic pair of wireless headphones. However, this is the most impressive aspect.

The totality of the charging case gives you the user a staggering 40 hours of use. When you consider that brands like Apple and Sennheiser offer only around 25 hours of battery life it’s an impressive feat.

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